Barely Anyone Knows What The Liberal Democrats’ Policies Are

One of the Limperal Dimpocrats Policies should be to distance themselves from Alistair Webster QC.



Screening of Migrant Media’s new film ‘Burn’ this Friday 17 October

The London Campaign Against Police and State Violence



(30minutes/UK/2014/Migrant Media)

Collective memory is a fire that never dies.

In August 2011 Britain was on fire – what was the spark that led to the crisis? When Mark Duggan was shot by the police the scene was set for a confrontation but it was not the first time. In this grass-roots documentary we hear why Tottenham burned, show how the flames spread and look at the deep-rooted reasons that have set fires blazing in the last four decades. Four people in this small community, all black and working class, have died at the hands of the police and this film retraces their story. Powerful witness testimonies are balanced against police reaction to the violence that exploded and the film offers a fresh political analysis of the cause of the uprising. Exploring ideas of collective memory ‘Burn’ is poetry for the people.

This event will feature a screening…

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Hello Guido

This is Guido.


Hello Guido.

Guido has lots of bracelets. Guido wants you to see his bracelets.

Guido opened his cuff to show all his bracelets. Dwayne is not impressed.

Guido is supposedly a respected QC. Guido is a fraud. Guido is not honest.

Guido portrays himself as working class. Guido is about as working class as David Cameron.

Guido tries to be cool and trendy, calling himself Guy. Guy is about as trendy as Ian Duncan Smith.

Guido has his tongue firmly fixed in GMP’s anal region. So do his colleagues Alistair & Hugh.

Is Guido a ***do? who knows. Guido is most certainly a bellend like his colleagues Alistair & Hugh.

Guido tweets his exotic holidays. Dwayne doesn’t like show offs.

Guido stole Dwayne’s money along with his colleagues Alistair & Hugh. Dwayne doesn’t like that.

Guido took the piss out of Dwayne. Dwayne will do likewise.

Dwayne has a message for Guido………

e-t-1- (1)

Goodbye Guido.

All wave to Guido.

Tomorrow: Our Conference of Little Rebellions

The London Campaign Against Police and State Violence


One day to go but there is still time to register for our annual conference: The Right To Life: under threat by the state please RSVP LCAPSV (a) GMAIL (dot) com

The social media hashtag we will be asking people to use is #LCAPSV

We have the new addition of Marcia Rigg, who will be speaking about the recent developments regarding her brother, Sean Rigg’s case. We also will be running mini Stop & Search workshops as well as a speak-out session where all participants are invited to share their thoughts and experiences. Also we recognise that this weekend is the Stand Up for Ferguson weekend of action. We will show our solidarity with those fighting police brutality across the United States.

Our conference is about building our solidarity with one another and resisting together. Below is one story of the many rebellions we want to see across London and…

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Alistair ‘Police Stooge’ Webster QC (ex Public Prosecutor)

I have thought of a way for the cash hungry greedy police stooge Alistair Webster QC to make even more money than he already does… Advertisements! I have noted that the GMP friendly Alistair has enormous advertising space on his huge stooge forehead. There is plenty of space for maybe a Moet champagne moniker or even a Halliburton plug. What about the Hilton? This way he doesn’t have to hypocritically pretend he is worried about the likes of me being able to get justice……


….and hey Guido (i love that name as it rhymes with wannabe QC Barrister Hugh Barton’s favourite client, mind you Guido has also defended quite a few of em in the past) i have not forgot about you, you dashing trend setting fashionista you……. At the moment i am mastering/learning how to make 3-5 min video clips set to music. You just maybe the star of my first one, set to one of Alistair’s crappy tune(s) of course.

Oh, just before i go………….

hugh_barton1 (1)

Well, why not… its already on Facebook…………………………………………innit Hughie!