Christopher Spivey’s Ordeal.

Yesterday I published a piece written by Fabooka Da Strait entitled Call a Spade a Shovel which I believe was written, or at least partly written, in response to Christopher Spivey’s recent arrest for the alleged possession of pornographic images of Children contained on his computer. A computer which was unlawfully stolen from his house, during a Police raid, in which he was arrested for Harassment and then bailed.

Who is Christopher Spivey? I gather that My Spivey is a journalist who is both controversial and unorthodox in his approach to writing. I personally became aware of Mr Spivey around twelve months ago when I read one of his hard-hitting articles concerning Paedophilia within the establishment. I would say that Mr Spivey is a journalist who says it as it is. He puts his feelings and suspicions into words regardless of what anyone thinks. He has a style of writing which I would describe as raw, down to earth and tinged with the wickedest humour imaginable. I do not believe that there is anyone like him. He is unique and he is certainly a better writer than me

Mr Spivey is very outspoken and it is my guess is that he has gained real notoriety for alleging that the Lee Rigby murder was a hoax. From what I have seen and know of the Lee Rigby incident I have yet to see or hear of anything which convinces me that Lee Rigby’s murder was a hoax. I may be slightly bias due to the fact that I am the father of 2 ex soldiers, both who served 5 years while that faggot murdering scum Tony ‘USA Puppet’ Blair was prime minister. My sons served in Iraq and Afghanistan in, although they were combat trained in order to protect themselves, non combative engineering roles. Being a staunch pacifist, I begged my lads not to go. Sadly I failed, and I was on edge all the time they were away. I did achieve one thing though; I talked my younger son out of joining the army as he wanted to follow in his big brothers and Grandfathers footsteps.

Anyway back to Mr Spivey and his recent arrest for the possession for child porn on a computer which was stolen from him by his local Police. An arrest in which Mr Spivey indicates he was abused and assaulted. Given Mr Spivey’s obvious stance and views on Paedophilia, I find it hard to believe that these images have found their way onto Mr Spivey’s computer by any means other than disingenuous means. I am of the opinion that these images have been planted on his computer by his local police, in order to discredit him and shut him up. I would not put it passed our Police to do such a disgusting thing having been, and still am, a victim of Police underhand tactics. An effort by my local police, and three supposedly honest Barristers, to shut me up is in full effect right now, but that is another story which I will write about in November this year.

If these images have been planted on Mr Spivey’s computer, which is highly likely, this will be very easy to prove. I, like Mr Spivey, know nothing about the internal workings of a computer but I expect that any IT expert (without an agenda) would be able to easily highlight any indiscretions. Think what you like of Mr Spivey but I am sure that you will agree that nobody deserves to be stitched up, especially with child porn.

For now, I have to reserve judgement on what has happened to Mr Spivey until he provides evidence that the material in question has been planted. Mr Spivey’s situation certainly bears all the hallmarks of a stitch up in which the Police try to halt someone’s progress by deliberately putting that person on the defensive.  A tactic which has been used on me a number of times.

I consider myself a good judge of character and my gut feeling is Mr Spivey is 100% innocent, however, only time, and facts, will tell.

Mr Spivey has my full support because i am fully aware of the extremes our obviously corrupt authorities and their minions will go to in order to silence people like Chris.

Peace & Love


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