Call a Spade a Shovel

Fabooka Da Stait’s take on Keith Bristow the head of the NCA.

Call A Spade A Shovel: As it is better for scooping up shit and hiding it.Last week, we were all treated to the views of the head of the National Crime Agency. He is Keith Bristow; another corporate master of spin, and he sought to convince us all that we should be more than willing to allow the security services complete and full access to the personal information of around 60 million people, if we are to succeed in the battle against state manufactured terrorism. He and others like him are allegedly so worried about these threats to us that it appears they want us all to submit to them and their incompetence so as we shall be monitored by default. This simply is not good enough for myself, nor do I suspect, for several million other people.

Now, among the other aspects of this chap’s highly paid work as he supposedly seeks a multitude of ways to keep us all safe, is the protection of children and prevention of paedophilia. If they cannot prevent such actions, their aim is to not only disrupt the activities of those involved, but also to address prosecution via the guidance and intelligence being given to all county constabularies.

In respect of the above: This then begs the question as to why all parties have failed dismally in their stated commitments to their employers (The People) with regards to information passed to them by Canadian services in 2012. The details came from what is known as Operation Spade.

Two thousand British individuals were implicated in data supplied from Canada, and yet hardly anything was done with regards to that data apart from sitting on it. Now, whether this was to keep it warm after travelling across the Northern Latitudes, I cannot say. However, up until very recently, the fact remains that no real attempt has been made by either the impotent and yet self praising NCA nor indeed the equally sickly and self promoting Police Service, to act upon anything in relation to what was supplied. Why is this?

In the very limited number of cases that snippets of information were successfully passed on, those police forces again sat on the data for around another 9 months whilst failing to assess or act. Why is this? Did they literally feel it was their little baby they were incubating, and that it was not in the public interest to pursue it?

Can people and institutions who fail so miserably in their specific roles be taken seriously by the general population anymore?

Are we to sit and watch as these fools congratulate themselves on jobs well-done, when they have actually collapsed into a deflated set of structures that seem only to display corporate ego in order to justify their massive state subsidies?

Sadly, it seems to me that many aspects of a dismissive and futile bureaucracy are graphic examples of the greater failings of this nation.

The parasitic and totally corrupt nature of these career idiots is making a laughing-stock of each and everyone of us. The groups of people involved in the likes of the Border Agency, Social Services, The Police, G.C.H.Q. Mi5, Mi6 and especially the NCA, are nothing but state employed jobsworths. None of them are seeking to secure the people of this country unless they are the privileged classes. None of them have natural ability nor talent nor judgement. They are all schooled in what to think, what to say, and how to act; it is for these very reasons that they assume everything they do is correct and justified, irrespective of what everyone else thinks. Oh yes, the large salaries and easy life are also very attractive to the conveyor belt of company U.K. ass-kissers.

Be aware that even when hot on the heels of these confirmed paedophiles, that the likes of Essex Police will often pop around for a friendly chat, then inform them of their illegal activities in order to give them time to dispose of as much incriminating evidence as is possible. And then to allow time for suicide in order to evade justice and prosecution. This is especially permissible if you are a head-teacher and a close coordinator of many of the principles of Common Purpose and Tavistock. Neither does it matter that you have also filmed the children you are supposed to be supervising. You will be allowed to go on your merry way, without any real threat of The Law descending upon you. This is irrespective of the rather large and very obvious weight of evidence provided in such instances.

So, all in all, it seems you are free to carry out extreme and deviant sexual practices if you are part of the establishment message. No funny handshake club or old boy’s network to worry about here then, is there.

However, if you are a decent person who fights for justice and what is right for all, and that includes verbal attack against the highly unethical employees and administrators of ‘The System.’ You can quite happily expect to have your door kicked in on any occasion, be illegally searched, intimidated, and abused in any way that the bully victims in blue, happen to feel is necessary to create a situation that leads to your voice being unplugged from your audience. They will do this because you are seen as a threat to their malignant and totally false representation of our good and unbiased society. This is because they are now very fearful of the reality that many people are now gaining the ability to see exactly where all of that shit has been shovelled for many years and that those people are no longer blinded by lunacy and fabrication of those who earn their living doing just that.

Yes, they will plant child porn on the P.C. of the innocent, as opposed to dealing with all of those whose credit card details they have for actually purchasing it. Well done!!! We all feel so safe and secure knowing how honest and workmanlike you really are. Extra big thanks to you Mr. Bristow for another apologist who wants to take a good look at himself and create new practices that are designed to prevent this kind of thing from ever happening again!!!

(Fabooka De Stait)

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