Hello Guido

This is Guido.


Hello Guido.

Guido has lots of bracelets. Guido wants you to see his bracelets.

Guido opened his cuff to show all his bracelets. Dwayne is not impressed.

Guido is supposedly a respected QC. Guido is a fraud. Guido is not honest.

Guido portrays himself as working class. Guido is about as working class as David Cameron.

Guido tries to be cool and trendy, calling himself Guy. Guy is about as trendy as Ian Duncan Smith.

Guido has his tongue firmly fixed in GMP’s anal region. So do his colleagues Alistair & Hugh.

Is Guido a ***do? who knows. Guido is most certainly a bellend like his colleagues Alistair & Hugh.

Guido tweets his exotic holidays. Dwayne doesn’t like show offs.

Guido stole Dwayne’s money along with his colleagues Alistair & Hugh. Dwayne doesn’t like that.

Guido took the piss out of Dwayne. Dwayne will do likewise.

Dwayne has a message for Guido………

e-t-1- (1)

Goodbye Guido.

All wave to Guido.


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