The 3 Police Stooges


I just love the crudeness of this picture. It makes me laugh. It was put together by my young Grandson as I am not very good at using computers. I only decided to learn how to use a computer after I caught Greater Manchester Police forging documents so I could research Police Procedure and learn the law……………. which I have now accomplished, however, I have only just mastered how to copy and paste!……… I am just an old fool, and as you can see, i am shite at blogging 😉

Anyway, the stooge in the middle, Wibbly Wobbly Webster (as I like to call him) is, when he is not Pontificating from some Podium about the cuts to the Legal Aid budget and pretending he is concerned about Justice being delivered, is actually in a Band! …… and they are completely crap. I am not saying that they are crap because WWW has ripped me off, they really are crap………WWW who cannot sing for toffee, is only really interested in making lots of money, cash ……..not Justice, as he says, otherwise he would not have turned a blind eye to the crime of Perverting the course of Justice, perpetrated by Greater Manchester Police. WWW is full of it and he is only worried that the fifty or so super brains he has working from his chambers, a list of which reads like Britain’s rich list, are going to earn much less, which means that he will too, as he gets a cut of what they earn. He cannot be short of a few bob as he must have already earned millions via the tax payer, yet he is hanging on to my £480 in cash with all his might. WWW has written to me stating that the fee I have been charged (for lies and bullshit) is reasonable…… the feckin full of shit Lib Dim creep…..  To those who feel that £480 is not that much money (it is probably what WWW spends on a bottle of wine) I am long term unemployed due to illness and my entitlement to money, in order to feed myself, was stopped around three years ago. Since then I have had to live by my wits and I have accumulated massive debts….. but so what i do not want or need sympathy, i just want the 3 Stooges to understand that i am not going to let this rest (the stooges read my blog as i have made them and most of the legal world, aware of it) They or their masters ,GMP, do not frighten me.

.Anyway…….Sorry about the rant, sometimes I do get carried away, its just that what the three police stooges have done to me, really pisses me off…….it does…… Now,….. where was i…..Yeah, that’s it  ……. WWW’s crap band, I have listened to a few tunes from his band and they are dire. They would be fecked off Xfactor before the auditions even started. Not that i watch XF…..I have seen pictures of WWW on stage in sunglasses looking a right twat prancing around like he is re-living his Bar Mitzvar……….whilst howling at the moon…… rather comical for an old dude, i thought.

Well then, my point…  there ain’t one… My message……It’s this……. Webby shouldn’t  give up the day job even though he is gonna earn a few mill’ less than usual, he should stop pretending that he is concerned and worried about the Justice system, when his only concern is his own standard of living….. otherwise, as I have repeatedly said (and will continue to say forever and a day, until my Last Gasp) he would not have turned a blind eye to obvious Police criminal activity, such as forgery…. and…..if he’s going to carry on singing with his cats choir band, then he should get some fuckin singing lessons……….he should also act his age……… and get a decent pair of shoes…………

As usual, Just sayin…..

One thought on “The 3 Police Stooges

  1. DwayneDwee Post author

    ….and the 3 Police stooges are (from left to right as you look at the screen) Guy ‘I’m working class, I had long hair and i was in a band ‘ Gozem QC… Alistair ‘i have broken the barristers code of conduct but i’m ok because i’m protected by Bar Standards’ Webster QC and Barrister Hugh ‘i will do absolutely anything, and i mean anything to be a QC’, Barton…….


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