Statement of a Police Stooge

After ripping me off for £480 and turning a blind eye the Perversion of Justice by Greater Manchester Police (GMP committed forgery) I decided to let GMP’s protector, Wannabe QC Barrister Hugh Barton know what I thought of him. The rat then had me arrested by the very organisation he is protecting, GMP

Here is the little Imp’s statement in which he acts as though he has done nothing wrong and he’s as innocent as the day he was born…………..

I have added my comments in bold type to Wannabe QC Barrister Hugh Barton’s utter crap, which is masquerading as a statement of truth.

I am the above named person and I have been a practising Barrister since 1989. I have worked at LINCOLN HOUSE CHAMBERS in MANCHESTER for the last 11 years. In April 2013 I met with a male named XXXXX XXXXXX when he attended for a conference in Chambers. I looked at a complaint Mr XXXXXX had relating to the police (He means an Appeal as he has stated in his note of conference). He attended on a direct access basis rather than being referred by a solicitor (at a cost of £480 in donated cash). As such I gave Mr XXXXXX my email address and contact details for a more one to one relationship. We communicated by email over the course of the case (after first ignoring me for over a month). Ultimately Mr XXXXXX received advice from me which he was not happy with (well, who would be happy after paying £480 to be lied to). I then received further emails from him (questioning his ‘Advice’). By June 2013 the tone of his emails changed (I had realised that he was a Police stooge and I had been ripped off). They were not so much insulting at this stage but the content appeared to be getting more angry (you bet!). They would include large capital letters to illustrate a point (Like POLICE STOOGE and LIAR?) At about this same time I became aware that other emails had been sent to colleagues at other chambers (letting them know that BHB is a snide, in the hope that they have a conscience). I learnt that the content of these emails were insulting towards me referring to me by slanderous names like ‘corrupt’ (Not slanderous, just true)

Since then I have been sent a number of emails appearing to be from Mr XXXXXX again. These were also on occasion sent to the other members of chambers as well (who, if they gave up Champagne for 1 year, would be able to clear Cameroons national debt with the money saved).

The emails became increasingly more insulting and abusive. Often calling me names (awwww Dee  Dums…….. I called him names….the soft Tw*t)

At one stage I received another email. This one said to go to the internet and search engine ‘google’ and look up Barrister Hugh Barton. I did this to discover a number of links to internet chat forums where it appeared Mr XXXXXX had been repeating the same allegations and abusive names about me on the internet (Well people have to know when there’s a snide in town)

In one email it read that he had looked at my CV and noted that I was a football supporter (I didn’t write that) He threatened to actively seek out internet forums and make it so that none of my fellow supporters will want anything to do with me (I didn’t write that. I would like to see this email.  Maybe BHB just lies for the sake of it)

In January 2014 it was brought to my attention that he had sent an email about me to a large number of Solicitors and Barristers Chambers. This included Solicitors who instruct me and my former Chambers in London (Doughnutty Street Chambers) In that email he accused me of being corrupt (He Is) and stealing money from him (That’s because he did. 480 quid!) and of giving him deliberately false advice (That’s because he has. He has turned a blind eye to indisputable evidence of Police criminal behaviour) He alleged that I was in league with the Police, and wanted to get more Prosecution work (And I am correct) I found this email distressing and embarrassing (All together now, awwwww Dee Dums someone get this man a dummy).

More recently he has continued to send abusive and insulting emails to me (In Layman’s terms, THE TRUTH) repeatedly calling me names such as ‘Paedophile Lover’ and saying that I get sexual gratification from defending sex offenders (I did not use those words. I asked him if he gets an erection when looking through the case files of Paedo’s)

He has boasted that he has written letters to the DPP (That will be my objection to him working on behalf of the public) and the Manchester Evening News. (I did not write to the MEN nor have I ever claimed to have done so. He cannot help but lie. Maybe its automatic) He has also emailed a large number of colleagues in chambers and repeated the same allegations and abuse about me to them (And they have kept quiet about what they know you have done. They have no conscience. They all look after each other. A Clique)

I had hoped that if I ignored Mr XXXXXX emails he would stop of his own accord (Not a prayer, Im in this for the long run).

This experience has been distressing and upsetting for me and has worn me down over time (There is nothing more distressing and upsetting than being assaulted by Police Officers for no reason, ending up hospitalised with a damaged kidney, getting convicted of an offence which never took place, and then catching the Police forging documents only to be ripped off and taken the piss out of by seemingly reputable men from Lincoln House Chambers)

So there you have it. The statement of a Police Stooge who really thought that I would stop of my own accord! This guy must have mental health issues. He has to understand that some people simply do not like getting ripped off…………….

Wannabe QC BHB is about as trustworthy as Jimmy So-vile, of whom I have no doubt that had he been alive today, BHB would be rigorously defending him.


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