Children Consent to Abuse says Barrister.

Human rights’ barrister, Nick Stanage, from Doughty Street Chambers feels that without abuse being physical there is no harm to a child. If a child ‘encourages’ sexual conversation it is not abuse, says Stanage; so why is sexual grooming an offense?

How is it that, according to barrister Nick Stanage, a 13-year-old child can engage in sexual conversation, provide explicit images over the Internet and yet no harm has come to that child. These ‘elitist’ monsters dominate the judiciary and ensure that anyone, not in their group pays their exorbitant fees.

Doughty Street Chambers boasts on its website that “Sources admire its ‘genuine commitment to civil liberties’ and its ‘incredibly long history of doing human rights work.’” I wonder if sources will be so willing to pile on such praise when they listen to Nasty Nick’s opinion in the above video?

Why not email Chambers? Ask them if they agree with Stanage’s opinion.

……..and guess who used to work for this lot at doughnuttystreet?


One thought on “Children Consent to Abuse says Barrister.

  1. DwayneDwee Post author

    Yesterday I was genuinely asked if i know any Barrister jokes. I replied yes, I know 3 Barrister jokes and they all work at Lincoln House Chambers……………..


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