Officer Dibbles Sore Finger


Coming to a blog near you this Christmas………..’Officer Dibbles sore finger’………I bet you have never really thought about the mayhem and utter desperation having a sore finger can cause have you?……… read, in Officer Dibbles own words, how he ‘bent his finger back’ whilst acting unlawfully and violently, causing him immense pain……… about the heartache and difficulties caused when his finger became really sore……….read about the profound effect having a sore finger had on his family life and financial situation……….read how painful it was to type his statement………… statements from his violent colleagues in which they mention blood on Officer Dibbles hand (Yes blood) and the desperate piercing screams of ‘he’s got my finger’…………….read about Officer Dibbles many hospital appointments which caused major disruption to his life…….read about his fall from physical peakness as he was unable to participate in the many sports he loves………read about how Officer Dibbles back up Big Bad PC Boo Boo Bear arrives and starts assaulting me for my own safety…

……officer dibbles harrowing account of his sore finger will have you calling for finger protection for all Police officers who act unlawfully, to prevent them from going through the same major ordeal as Officer Dibble………………………

I always thought that a sore finger is just that, a sore finger……just a minor injury… but that was before I read about Officer Dibbles harrowing experience. The problems associated with this type of injury will shock you to the core. You will probably be thinking Officer Dibble is a big baby who has Compensation  on his mind, however do not jump to any conclusions until you have read about the vast number of problems Officer Dibble had to face.

The other day I was horrified when my grandson got a sore finger, the fact that he carried on as normal really worried me. I asked him if it hurts….he said “a bit”. I wondered why he was not in severe distress and pain like officer dibble………. then I realised, my grandson’s finger only hurts a bit because he wasn’t acting unlawfully.

I cannot post anything just yet because I have been charged with assaulting Officer Dibbles finger, and scratching his very expensive watch which he had worn because the battery in his work watch is dead…………….. Plus PC SoreFinger may have me arrested for Witness Intimidation even though he was breaking the law from the outset! Then again there is a strong possibility that he may not know the law…………..

Stay tuned. You will be amazed………

6 thoughts on “Officer Dibbles Sore Finger

  1. thelovelywibblywobblyoldlady

    Can’t wait to read the original incident that led to your (unlawful) arrest. I hate the poo lice (no not a spelling error) with a vengance. They cost me £7000 +. However, every cloud has a silver lining; I’m going to write a book about my experience (names will of course be changed to protect the innocent, but if you are really clever you’ll be able to work out who the offending Cun*stables are) I’ve put an extract on my blog, it’s called code of misconduct. Wouldn’t it be sweet justice if it became a best seller 🙂

    1. DwayneDwee Post author

      You will be amazed by the original incident and how it came about. It is linked to my stance against GMP and Lincoln House Chambers. My stance has cost me everything. PC Sorefinger actually dedicates 3 statements to how awful it is to have a sore finger whilst completely forgetting that he was acting unlawfully The funniest part is the doctors report on his finger!
      Im in court this November. Ill post then.
      I look forward to your book and i will be the first to buy it and Justice will be sweet when it does become a best seller….:)

      1. thelovelywibblywobblyoldlady

        Sounds like the usual police tactics… lie, lie some more and then tell another lie for good measure.
        well good luck to you in November, your solicitor sounds like they’ve got their finger on the pulse so hopefully all will go well for you. I shall await your update

    2. DwayneDwee Post author

      thelovelywibblywobblyoldlady, Whilst poor officer dibble was being attended to by doctors and nurse’s after he had been emergency helicoptered to hospital, i was lay on a cell floor, concussed, confused, bleeding and unable to see after being assaulted (Recorded on film). I was also refused urgent medical attention. A doctor who seen me in my cell decided that i needed to be taken to hospital in an Ambulance. When the Ambulance arrived, a police officer told the driver i had refused to go! I’m afraid that this is what happens to people like me who publicly speak out when they catch the Police forging documents, forged documents which the likes of Alistair’ the Lib Dem bigwig and Co, have turned a blind eye to after taking my money. which they refuse to give me back.
      The Police (GMP) do not like being caught red handed breaking the law and are so, making me pay dearly, but i am strong and i will carry on regardless.
      Peace & Love

      1. thelovelywibblywobblyoldlady

        Good for you. I’m with you in spirit; I cannot stand injustice no matter who it’s directed at…these twonks (is that even a word?) forget that they police by consent, but this is what happens when you give extraordinary powers to those who, quite frankly are not up to the responsibility.

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