I could not let wannabe QC, Barrister Hugh Barton and Co’ get away with ripping me off, ridiculing me and turning a blind eye to my evidence of Greater Manchester Police crime. I needed to deal with this. I had to let these people know that I will not allow them to get away with this. I needed an angle of approach. I was now on a mission….cue, music.

I began my mission by looking at wannabe QC, Barrister Hugh Barton’s CV. I was shocked. If I had read wannabe QC, BHB’s CV before I had employed him, I would never have given the rat the chance to rip me off in the first place. To my complete horror, wannabe QC, BHB appeared to be soliciting business from Paedophiles by boasting “he (BHB) obtained a non custodial disposal with the minimum of fuss and publicity for the Labour Party’s chief fundraiser in the city after he was found with indecent images of children” Now forgive me if I sound naive or out of touch, but I feel that all Paedophiles should be given a custodial sentence with the maximum of fuss and Publicity………

Could I have found my angle of approach?

……. Barton’s CV also stated that “Hugh is frequently instructed in cases involving serious sexual assaults, historic abuse and sexual assaults on children. He is known for his sensitive but effective cross examination of child witnesses……He (BHB) then goes on to boast about some sick bastards he has defended in the past…..I would expect that a vulnerable child who has been through hell and is frightened by the whole process at hand, will really appreciate BHB’s sensitive questioning whilst he is at the same time defending the monster who has abused them……….

I don’t know about you but I would never ever knowingly employ anyone who defends Paedophiles. Never. Not in a million years…………

Although focusing on wannabe QC, Barrister Hugh Barton’s boasts about defending Paedophiles may have been a good way to put some people off employing him, it could also make him a magnate for all those soon to be exposed deviants connected to the disgusting goings on at the Elm guest house. By focusing on BHB’s Paedophile friendliness, this could actually backfire on me and increase his income 10 fold. I certainly didn’t want something to happen that he may actually relish. Cliff Richard and Elton John probably already have him on speed dial anyway. Personally, I could not knowingly be in the same room as a paedophile without feeling nauseous. Unlike BHB.

I needed something else, although wannabe QC, Barrister Hugh Barton has an unenviable ability to stomach Paedo’s this would not have been his motive for turning a blind eye to my sound evidence of Police crime and allowing the Police to escape accountability. I needed a better angle of approach. Something more substantive and effective….. but what…………?

Back to wannabe QC Barrister Hugh Barton’s online CV.

A Haaaa, he’s a Crystal Palace fan……….!  I suppose there’s no obvious motive there unless he is still pissed off with Eric Cantona from the 1995 Cup Semi and the fact that we won the replay.  He knows I am a Man U fan….. No, I doubt if that will be BHB’s motive for allowing GMP to escape accountability.  Back to his CV then……

“He has begun prosecuting for the first time and positively relishes prosecution briefs after years of defending. While defence work makes up a majority of his work he is keen to develop his prosecution practice”……..  Hold on a minute,………had I just found the/a potential motive for BHB’s conduct? Could it be that BHB has allowed Greater Manchester Police to escape accountability in order to get more prosecution work?  Surely not! But then again, by turning a blind eye to GM Police crime, BHB has saved the CPS from considerable embarrassment in having to prosecute Police officers……. and, come to think of it, the Heads of Chambers at Lincoln House Chambers, Alistair Webster QC and Guy Gozem QC , who have condoned BHB’s conduct, are fully established CPS prosecution darlings. Ummmmmm, the mind boggles.

Could it be possible that lucrative Prosecution work, on a par with that established pair of QC jokers is a likely motive for BHB’s conduct? Ummmmmm, the mind boggles.

Well, just in case a help up the ladder to extremely well paid Prosecution work actually is the motive for Barrister Hugh Barton and Lincoln House Chamber’s collective conduct, I decided to write to the gorgeous Director of Public Prosecutions  Alison Saunders, objecting to ……Alistair ‘Lord Rennard should apologise’  Webster QC,…….Guy ‘I was trendy, had long hair and was in a band’ Gozem QC and wannabe QC,…….Barrister Hugh ‘I will do absolutely anything to be a QC’ Barton, prosecuting  as Public Prosecutors on behalf of an unsuspecting Public.

I have affectionately dubbed Hughie, Alistair and Guy ‘The Three Police Stooges’ due to their obvious comical allegiance to GMP and because that’s exactly what they are, however, this particular comic trio are no Hoi Polloi…………

By being a member of the Public, I can quite rightly object to anyone I see to be unfit, working on behalf of me, my family and friends. You could say that I am pulling rank. …. Showing who’s da boss….

A member of the Public has a higher status than that of a Public Servant; this fact appears to be lost amongst the general Public. These days the Public appear to fear their Public Servant subordinates. This is so wrong…..Any member of the Public can object to a Public Servant, they regard for whatever reason, as dubious, from receiving money from the Public Purse. Fact.

I have in fact wrote four objection letters to Alison Saunders DPP clearly outlining my objections plus my reasons for objecting to the use of Public money to employ Alistair Webster QC, Guy Gozem QC and wannabe QC, Barrister Hugh Barton. These people cannot be trusted and I have the evidence which will confirm this. To employ these characters as Public Prosecutors on behalf of the Public would be an affront to the Public themselves.

Whether Alison will heed my legitimate and soundly based objections, only time will tell………. I really hope she does because my evidence could easily be used to question the integrity of the above trio and thus form the basis of an appeal for anyone convicted by them. This could cost the tax payer an absolute fortune and could also allow a person who deserves to go to jail escape justice. Alison certainly has to bear this in mind.

I will conclude by saying;

Barrister Hugh Barton would rather help Paedophiles than a victim of a Perversion of Justice. He obviously favours one type of Perversion over the other. What a sad little horrible man.

Alistair Webster QC who has condoned BHB’s lies, should not tell anyone to apologise for their alleged behaviour when he will not apologise for his recorded behaviour, which includes a blatant breach of the Barrister’s Code of Conduct.

Guy Gozem QC. ….So what if he was in a band. He too has breached the Barrister’s Code of Conduct and condoned BHB’s lies.

Peace & Love.

Next. HarssmentHogday


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