I recently read the very wealthy Guy Gozem QC’s well written article entitled Groundhogday and so i decided to write my own piece and call it Hedgehogday to sum a prickly affair with GG’s chambers.

This article was written a short while after his  chambers ripped me off for £480. In this article Guy Gozem more or less constantly moans about the Legal Aid Cuts.

Around the beginning of Mr Gozem’s article, Mr Gozem states ‘the system is as close to failure through underfunding as I have known. It would grind to a halt were it not for the hard work and good will of the Legal Profession’. Mr Gozem may well be correct, however, the System would also grind to a halt if people from the Legal Profession such as Guy Gozem QC, Alistair Webster QC and wannabe QC, Barrister Hugh Barton, did not turn a blind eye to the Perversion of Justice by, in this case, Greater Manchester Police.

I once provided Lincoln House Chambers with unquestionable evidence which proves beyond any doubt whatsoever, that in my case, Greater Manchester Police had faked crucial documents to make it appear that a lawful process had taken place. The faking of these documents directly led to a Miscarriage of Justice. I can only describe Lincoln House Chambers reaction to this evidence as, to put it mildly, staggering. LHC’s deliberately and unashamedly ignored it, after they had taken £480 in cash.

A number of years ago, I was assaulted by GMP officers. I had done nothing wrong. During this assault I sustained many injuries; the worst being a trauma related Frank Haematuria. I was unlawfully detained and treatment was withheld for nearly four hours whilst I was at a Police station. Whilst at the Police Station and constantly protesting my innocence, I suddenly began to urinate pure blood. I was rushed to hospital from a police cell, where I remained for two days. Unknown to me at that time, my internal injuries had caused panic amongst GMP. On realising what they had caused, GMP created a fake bail sheet to make it appear that I had been lawfully detained. At the time I was given the fake bail sheet I was very distressed and I also had no idea what a genuine bail sheet looked like.

To add insult to injury, around 7 months after being assaulted and Hospitalised, I was convicted of a Public Order offence which did not take place. This was my cue to get to the bottom of this perverted outrage.

I later realised (quite a while later) that when I was taken into custody after being assaulted by GMP, the Police And Criminal Evidence act was never implemented. P.A.C.E was not implemented because there were simply no genuine grounds to detain me. P.A.C.E can only be implemented if there are lawful grounds for detention.

I realised that the Bail Sheet which was given to me in my hospital bed (I was hooked up to a drip and waiting to be x-rayed) is a fake. I have learned through Police procedure that when P.A.C.E has genuinely been implemented via the Police National Computer and a person is to be bailed, a pre charge Bail Sheet is printed out as a MG4A form. GMP forms are computer generated onto standard A4 paper. The Bail sheet given to me appears to have been created by passing a once rejected old yellowing WG 422 form, which has possibly been lying around the Police station, through a printer. I am uber confident that the Bail sheet I was given in hospital was never computer generated whilst I was being unlawfully held in Custody. My Bail Sheet is an obvious improvisation designed to fool. It certainly fooled me. A genuine Bail Sheet could never be provided by GMP because I was being unlawfully held. There were no grounds to detain me. I had done nothing wrong.

I realised that my Custody Record, which purported to have been created on the night I was taken into Custody, was actually created four weeks after the event. This second false document was created on the day I answered to my bogus bail. The reality is, but unknown to me at the time, I was never on bail. The clear evidence that the Custody Record was created four weeks after the event can be found on the Custody Record itself. Those who are aware of Police Procedure will recognise that when a Custody Record is first created, the name of the officer who creates the CR is automatically entered into the ‘Officer opening Record’ field by the PNC. This field can be found at the foot of each page on any CR. The name entered into this field automatically by the PNC is there for eternity. This name never changes no matter which officers occupy the same record at a later date. The officer whose name is contained in this field on my bogus CR was not on duty the night I was unlawfully detained. He was on duty the day I answered to my fake bail. There is no doubt, that this purported Custody Record is bogus.

I contacted an Andrew Dutton, who at the time I believed to be a genuine Solicitor. I later learned that Andrew Dutton was an ex Solicitor who had been struck off for the Embezzlement of £200,000. I learned this after I had paid him around £400 in fees. Andrew Dutton recommended Barrister Hugh Barton of Lincoln House Chambers. Mr Dutton arranged an appointment for me to discuss my evidence against GMP with Hugh Barton, with a view to taking out an action and appealing against my unwarranted conviction.

I met with Barrister Hugh Barton in April last year at Lincoln House Chambers, Manchester. I handed over my cash. I provided BHB with my faked Custody Record and faked Bail Sheet which proved beyond any doubt whatsoever that P.A.C.E was not implemented by GMP on the night I was assaulted and unlawfully detained.

In a nutshell and to my complete horror, Barrister Hugh Barton said that there is nothing I can do/I do not have a case to pursue. Barrister Hugh Barton is a liar. I have told him so on many occasions. I have also accused him of stealing my money and of being corrupt. I can prove that GMP has forged documents and perverted the course of justice, however, according to Barrister Hugh Barton; there is absolutely nothing I can do. Hughie must think I am very green. Hugh Barton has unashamedly ripped me off. Hugh Barton has deliberately turned a blind eye to evidence of GMP Perversion, and in doing so has allowed GMP to escape accountability. Whatever happened to due diligence?

Obviously I complained to Hugh Barton’s Heads of Chambers, none other than the superstar prosecutors and darlings of the CPS, Alistair Webster QC and Guy Gozem QC. What a complete and utter waste of time that was. Unbelievably, this sorry duo actually endorsed Barrister Hugh Barton’s conduct/lies and also chose to ridicule me. I complained to Bar Standards and their response made me question why on earth they actually exist. I complained to the Legal Ombudsman who virtually explained in an email that they are powerless. Generally, the said email declared that the Ombudsman’s office can only ask a person to do what the Legal Ombudsman recommends. In a nutshell, the LO indicated to me that anyone who is the focus of a complaint to the LO can ignore anything the Legal Ombudsman says or does in relation to that complaint. This, in my book, makes the LO as pointless as Bar Standards.

I have to say that I doubt it very much if any of the above, already very wealthy men, will suffer because of the Legal Aid cuts. I doubt if any of the above will have to get rid of any of the servants, sell one of their islands in the Med’ or pawn the yacht. I also doubt that you will ever see Mr Gozem and Co’ queuing up at a food bank or urgently cashing in their iGas shares to make do.

Lincoln House Chambers has turned a blind eye to the crime of Perverting the course of Justice, by GMP. An indisputable fact.

Personally, based on my ever expanding experience with these people, if you ever need a Barrister, I would highly recommend avoiding Lincoln House Chambers, Manchester. Charlatans operate from there. Money, not Justice is their aim……………………….

This piece was originally posted in May 2014

Peace & Love

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