The time was around 19:30pm and I was coming to the end of my regular stint babysitting my 2 year old grandson, when there was an unassuming casual knock on the front door. I opened the door and to my surprise, there stood 4 robot cops , 2 were plain clothed and 2 were in body armour adorned with numerous weapons. I had my grandson in my arms. I was very surprised that their knock wasn’t the usual psychologically intimidating thunderous and continuous rap……

I allowed the 4 Police officers into my home.

One plain clothed officer (who had a huge nose…. if he and Barbra Streisand stood back to back, you would create a pick axe) explained to me that a complaint of Harassment had been made against me by (pint sized) wannabe QC Barrister Hugh Barton. The same plain clothed officer asked if I would accompany him down to the Police Station for questioning with regard to the mentioned complaint.

But I had not harassed anyone!  All I had done is sent wannabe QC, Barrister Hugh Barton a few emails letting him know a few home truths. I did this because I do not like being ripped off and taken the piss out of by him…… and not to mention the fact that he had allowed GMP to escape accountability….. This is not harassment. That is not a crime.  It’s called stating the truth, and moreover I had sent those emails with Section 1(3) (a) of The Protection from Harassment Act (Detecting Crime) in mind. Greater Manchester Police have committed a crime FFS! And Lincoln House Chambers have turned a blind eye to this……….and charged me £480 for the privilege……..because they can.

I asked the Plain clothed officer (big conk) if I could call to the Police Station the following day because I had my grandson… his response was no, and he told me that I could either go with them now, voluntarily, or I’d be arrested. I reluctantly decided to go with them voluntarily. I handed my grandson over to his father who had arrived home seconds before the Policy officers arrived. My grandson appeared frightened by the 4 Police officers.  I volunteered to go with them because I feared that if I didn’t I would be thrown to the ground, cuffed and assaulted in front of the child……for the very serious non crimes of….. ….sending emails…..and……..stating facts……….

I got into an unmarked Police car with the two plain clothed robotic Police officers, who for some reason continually reminded me that I was going with them to the station voluntarily. During the journey to the Police station I said that I did not want to go to the Police station, and I would rather go home. The driver pulled over, and I was promptly arrested by Concorde conk for the Section 2 harassment of wannabe QC Barrister Hugh Barton……

I was then transferred from the car to a tailing Police van for the remainder of my kidnapping. The Police van was occupied by the 2 heavily armed uniformed officers I referred to earlier.

On arrival at the Police Station I was processed and placed in a cell. I requested a solicitor. Later that evening, I was taken from my cell to be interviewed by the 2 plain clothed officers. A solicitor was present. I chose to take up my right to remain silent and I made no comment. I do not deny contacting Barrister Hugh Barton and reminding him about what he has done to me and how I am not going to let him get away with it. I do not deny referring to him using words such as, turd, Paedophile chaser, Paedophile friendly, thief, rip off merchant, police stooge, joke, perverter, liar, prostate gland, charlatan, nobhead, shrimp, diddyman, rat, little shit, arsehole, nob rash, testicle, dwarf, shit bag, turkey neck, arse licker, dodo, fisting expert, brown nosed, creep, puffer fish, dumb, penis, wombat, cheeky monkey, corrupt, dildo, etc…….. but so what……………. I do not regard anything which I have said or written about BHB to be a crime. The real issue here is that Barrister Hugh Barton has turned a blind eye to Police crime……………. and continually and consistently stating this to him in emails, whilst calling him a few names, is not a crime… end of………………….unless we now live in a Police State…… aided by corrupt Barristers!

After the no comment interview, I was taken back to my cell after being told by the normal nosed plain clothed police officer that the ‘evidence’ against me had been forwarded to the CPS, and he will receive a decision from the CPS on whether or not I am to be charged within the next hour. I was very confident that I would not be charged because there was not a shred of evidence that any Harassment had taken place, there was only evidence of statements of fact. I was absolutely certain that all this Harassment bollocks would not pass the CPS threshold test and the CPS will see that any charge of Harassment will be absolutely impossible to prove.

At around midnight I was quite astonished and depressed to be told that I was to be charged with Harassment and I was to be remanded into custody until the next day. I thought to myself, oh dear..I knew there and then that this prosecution had to be malicious, that it was also doomed to fail, and the CPS was about to yet again waste copious amounts of taxpayer’s money………….. ……………………because they can……………

After a restless night, the next afternoon, I was brought before one of them Judge Jokers who was in a really foul mood. I think his missus or young boyfriend must have been depriving him of some. He had a very bad attitude which I found really amusing. His attitude made me laugh and upon seeing this he sent me back down to the cells which made me laugh even more. What a total wanker.

I was brought back before his lowness Judge Joke who said that he is going to bail me (that’s really good of him, eh? Considering that I had been kidnapped and had not committed any crime whatsoever) but with the conditions that I do not contact wannabe QC Barrister Hugh Barton and/or Lincoln House Chambers. He said if I broke the conditions I will be back before him as he has reserved my case for himself and I could be jailed. I thought to myself what a fucking dildo, I shouldn’t even be here you nougat flavoured plant pot. I should have put him on his oath, sent him home, took over the court room and dismissed the case against me. The cheeky little bastard was lucky that I was happy to consent…………He was obviously out to impress his superhero’s BHB & LHC’s………….He may even have been deeply in love with wannabe QC, Barrister Hugh Barton………….

The trial was set to be held at Leeds Magistrates Court in June 2014. Why Leeds Magistrates? It’s because wannabe QC Barrister Hugh Barton is a very well known supertrooperdooperstar in Manchester. He is a ‘regular’ on the Manchester Court Circuit, or the ‘money go round’ as a good friend of mine described it. The decision to hold the trial in Leeds actually turned out to be one big joke because the judge who presided over the actual trial, was an ex Manchester Magistrates Court clerk who had recently qualified to be a judge,  which totally defeated the object’…….!!!

Peace & Love

Next. CourtHogday

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