Untrustworthy Barrister Hugh Barton

Evidence that the Paedophile friendly, dwarf like, Warwick Davis clone and Police Stooge Barrister Hugh Barton of Lincoln House Chambers, Manchester was being accused of ripping people off in the nineteen nineties when he worked at Doughty Street Chambers, London WC1N 2PG………

These are the names of the solicitors and barristers who said they would defend me. They all claimed legal aid even though they had no intention of defending me.

Check out the fifth name on the above list.


Alison Saunders. Director of Public Prosecutions





Alison Saunders

CPS (Non Limited Company 4067691)

Rose Hill, 2 Southwark Bridge



November 19th 2014


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Dear Ms Saunders.

Further to my letters dated  09/01/14, 21/01/14, 06/03/14 and 14/04/14 respectively, in which I object to the Company you work for, The CPS (Company Registration 4067691) employing the three Police stooges and provable liars, namely Alistair Webster QC, Guy Gozem QC and little Barrister Hugh Barton, on behalf of the public. As you well know my objection is due to this dishonest trio turning a blind eye to the CRIME of perverting the course of justice. A CRIME committed by Greater Manchester Police in which officers forged a bail sheet and a custody record in order to make it appear that the PACE act was implemented .PACE was not implemented and I went on to be convicted of an offence for which there is no record and did not take place. The crime of perverting the course of justice is an extremely serious crime that if I or any other member of the public had committed, we would now be languishing in jail. The reason GMP officers forged these crucial documents was to make it appear that I was responsible for the serious injuries caused to me when I was assaulted by GMP officers and hospitalised for two days with, amongst many other injuries,  a trauma related Frank Haematuria. These three Police stooge liars also stole £480 my cash and really thought that they could get away with ridiculing me when I complained about this.

I was recently charged (on the orders of the company you work for) with the Harassment of little Barrister Hugh Barton after I told him a few home truths mainly that he is a liar and a thief. I wrote to you telling you that your company’s decision to prosecute me was malicious and would also fail. I was found Not Guilty; the judge stated that the CPS had failed to prove their case…………………..

May I just say that your non limited company’s behaviour towards an obvious victim, Melanie Shaw, is quite disgusting; however the non limited company (CPS) you are handsomely paid by has shareholders and therefore has to make profits by prosecuting anyone and everyone, even if they are obviously innocent. The company which you work for appears to revel in ordinary people’s distress. May I also say that your non limited company’s decision to prosecute the rape victim Eleanor De Freitas is even more disgusting …and for you to say you are going to personally investigate her case is a total insult to her memory and to her heartbroken family. The poor woman committed suicide due to your company’s pursuit of profit. For you to believe that you can make any difference by involving yourself in this tragedy is nothing short of laughable. What do you really expect to achieve? My heart goes out to her family. Why doesn’t the company you work for go after the paedophiles in and around Westminster? The place is absolutely teeming with them.

It would not surprise me in the least if you and your Barrister husband have shares in the non limited company you work for, a company which has changed its status to non limited so that the public cannot scrutinise the accounts, a tactic which some local Councils also now appear to be using.

Anyway, back to the reason for this letter, which is my objection to the three provable liars Alistair Webster QC, Guy Gozem QC and little Barrister Hugh Barton of Lincoln House Chambers Manchester, working on behalf of the public as Public Prosecutors. I believe that my objection may so far have been heeded as I have been checking all relevant sources and as far as I am aware the three named police stooges have not been prosecuting on behalf of an unwitting Public. This makes me really happy that the Public appear to be being protected from these thieves who have unashamedly helped GMP avoid accountability. I now wish to extend my objection to the rest of the employees, who work for the Heads of Chambers at Lincoln House, Manchester (Alistair Webster QC and Guy Gozem QC) from representing the Public as prosecutors. I base my reasoning for my extended objection on the fact that because their bosses (Alistair Webster & Guy Gozem) are provably corrupt, then there is every chance that their employees are of that ilk, plus I am a member of the public and I have every right to object to anyone I do not see fit, from working on our (The Publics) behalf.

Please will you seriously consider my extended objection to the applicable employees of Alistair Webster & Guy Gozem? I will name these employees to which I am objecting to, on the above blog in due course. I am afraid that the entire workforce at Lincoln House Chambers Manchester are now tarred with the same brush as the jokers Alistair Webster QC, Guy Gozem QC, and the little tiny dwarf like Barrister Hugh Barton.

Thank you


For information purposes this letter has been written in response to the attempted mind games being played by The Lincoln House Chambers proxy, Holly Hinde, who has sent me strange emails which relate to Barrister Hugh Barton. This letter would not have been written otherwise.

The Three Turd Rebuke

To the three lying thieving turds, Alistair Webster QC, Guy Gozem QC and wannabe QC Barrister Hugh Barton of Lincoln House Chambers Manchester (Where i will be extending my objection to anyone who works there, from representing the Public because, if the bosses are corrupt…..!) I give you……………………. the paddle of rebuke.



Classic Reactions

Two men’s reactions were captured on film when someone told them that Guy Gozem QC, Alistair Webster QC & Barrister Hugh ‘Paedophile Friendly’ Barton, of Lincoln House Chambers Manchester, are Honest, and do not steal clients money…………